Tuesday, September 23, 2014

And we ended in London...

Post part two....London!

Victoria Station

The view from our hotel room on the 26th floor in Kensington!

Walking around Kensington at night.

The Natural History Museum...cool building.  Didn't go in. 

Victoria and Albert Museum.  We DID go in here, briefly.

Glass sculpture in the entry of the V & A Museum

Market in Covent Garden

A very dreary day in London.  Tower Bridge

Ceramic flower installation at The Tower....
Very cool...

Gave me goosebumps...so glad we walked to see it!

The Monument commemorating the great fire of  London 1666

Headed home
Now....back to work!

Back from England and Paris....

Oh, I know, life is rough!  My hubby is English, born and raised in Plymouth, England.  His entire family still lives in the UK, so we have many reasons to visit!  Here's a few shots from our trip....

This trip, we took at side trip to Paris!  Yes, Paris!  It was great.  So much to see.  We walked.....ALOT!  Didn't go IN a lot of places.  We'll have to go back. 

We were also in London for a day on the tail end of our trip.  Will share some of those photos in another post...I think I've hit my limit!

Sorry Waterford

Couldn't help myself.  It's gonna be a snowman (see my last post).

Some might call it sacrilege, I call it art!