Sunday, July 27, 2014

Working like a mad woman!

I'm TRYING so hard to get going on projects.  It's hard, when you work full time at a "normal" job.  Here's the mess (I know, not as messy as others, but messy for me!) that is my workspace right now:

More "Frosty" the canned snowman is process.  Got all the labels on and based coated the glass for black paint next.
I've had over a dozen salt shaker snowmen in varying degrees of completeness hanging out on my work tables for WEEKS!. They are GOING to get done today, if it kills me!
 Two many to go????
I'm getting there!  All snowmen have had their heads painted or sculpted and have been drying overnight.  Now to age, add vintage buttons, scarves, and attach their "hats"....easy peasy, right?

I even got another OOAK project started last night...the snowmen in the cupcake tin.  I have an idea.  We'll see how it turns out.  Stay tuned!

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