Sunday, October 5, 2014

Crunch time!

Craft show season has begun.  I had my first one a few weeks ago.  It was a beautiful day to be at an outside show, but not a lot of attendees.  My first "big" show is two weeks from yesterday,  YIKES!

Try as I might, to make new items throughout the year, it always comes down to a massive scramble the last few weeks before shows start.  We, as artists/crafters, NEVER think we have enough stock (though we usually do.)

So, here I am, trying to finish, or start and finish, a bunch of projects in the next two weeks.  

Nine "Jacks" got completed yesterday, and even tagged! (Pat self on back) 

Ten pairs of Witch Legs (pattern from Red Dirt Primitives) got fabric ironed (it was REALLY wrinkled!), traced, sewn, trimmed and turned.  Yes, the black and white fabric is nausea inducing if you look at it the right way.

This morning, the stuffing and finishing commences.

Now, the trick/ NOT to get THIS red glitter EVERYWHERE!  I used to make little girl jackets that were handpainted and they had fine fabric glitter on husband used to complain (and he's NOT a complainer) that it was all over the house.  He was right, and sometimes ended up with it on him (usually a bit on his face).  This COULD be worse!

So far, so good.....wish me luck! (Disclaimer:  As of the writing of this post, no red glitter is on writer's face or hands...subject to change at a moments notice.)

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